SD Ruby is a great way to meet and collaborate with other Ruby developers in San Diego.
Open to all skill levels… just show up and join the fun!

Talk Suggestions

Generating Customized Certificates with the Prawn Gem Lightning (5 min) by Jennifer Nelson Votes (2)
Nginx + Mruby Lightning (5 min) by Mark Ranallo Votes (0)
How I learned to stop worrying and love firewalls Lightning (5 min) by Ian Young Votes (0)
Simple Rubyish service-oriented architecture Short Talk (15-30 min) by Ian Young Votes (2)
Practical Unix for Ruby & Rails Development Full Talk (30-45 min) by Ylan Segal Votes (2)
The art of refactoring Short Talk (15-30 min) by Bijal Patel Votes (0)
Ray Leon Grant Full Talk (30-45 min) looking for speaker Votes (0)
JSON API essentials in Rails Lightning (5 min) by Ian Young Votes (1)